Monday, February 22, 2010

Closed Classes

Please note that the following Spring session classes are closed:

1st hour:
4-6 Gym

2nd hour:
1-3 Fun with Puppets
7-12 Sound Engineering

3rd hour:
1-3 Active Games

There are also limited openings in the following classes:

1st hour:
7-12 Drama

2nd hour:
4-6 Walk Like an Egyptian

3rd hour:
4-6 Underground Railroad

Please note:

An additional hour of "Fun With Puppets" has been added to the 3rd hour choices for 1st-3rd grade.

Pre-registered parents: If you would like to change your child's class choices in light of this addition, please contact Lisa Swift at by Wednesday, Feb 24.

If you have any questions, please contact Alice at Do not leave a comment on this blog as it may not be seen in a timely manner.

Thank you.

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