Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Enrich Summer Park Days

The Events Committee would like us all to stay connected this summer. Please add our park days to your calendars! We had a lot of fun last summer and would like to do it again, plus see some more families join us. :)

This year we are doing things slightly different and setting exact dates. There was some confusion last year, hopefully this will clear things up. All dates are Thursdays and we will meet at noon. Of course, anyone is welcome to go to the park any other day this summer and invite our entire Enrich population to join them! ;)

The two parks we use are Metro Beach and Stony Creek.

Our 'official' Park Days are:

June 3rd--Metro Beach
June 17th--Stony Creek
July 15th--Metro Beach
July 29th--Stony Creek
August 12th--Metro Beach
August 19th--Stony Creek

At Metro we will meet at the covered picnic tables behind the Tot-Lot.

At Stony Creek we will meet at Eastwood Beach.

Please bring all your picnic supplies, including a blanket. We will not be renting pavilions because of cost and availability, which means we may not be able to get one.

METRO BEACH--There is a daily entry fee of $5 or yearly of $25. Our meeting place will be within easy walking distance of tennis courts, playgrounds, the beach, Squirt Zone and a pool. ($2 additional entry fee for the pool) Please plan accordingly. We are going to just enjoy each others company and be very casual so feel free to plan to do what activities your family would enjoy.


STONY CREEK--The daily and yearly entry fee is the same as Metro Beach. If you buy a yearly pass it will be good at both parks. Our meeting place is at Eastwood Beach. Follow the signs at the park entrance, or ask attendant for directions. It is a big park. There is a bike and hiking trail.


Please feel free to e-mail Dawn Gauthier at dawng@wideopenwest.com or Cathy Caputo at familykidsemail@yahoo.com if you have any further questions and please SPREAD THE WORD!!

Contact Dawn if you would like to join our Facebook Enrich Link

Dawn Gauthier

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