Monday, September 9, 2013

Registration Update

Teacher and Board Registrations have been processed! The good news is: no lotteries were necessary! the "bad" news is: we have 2 closed classes:

It's Not a Box (7-12 2nd hour) and Outdoor Cooking (7-12 2nd hour)
The other options 2nd hour are Punch Pals Cardmaking and History of Jazz and American Music.

For other age groups, classes that are nearing capacity are the following:
1st Hour: Square Wheels (7-12) 4 spots remaining
               Team Challenge (4-6)  6 spots remaining
3rd Hour: Carpentry With a Cause (7-12) 6 spots remaining
As a Returning or New Family, please let us know second choices for your children in case their first choice reaches capacity before it is your family's turn to register.

It is going to be an AMAZING year!!

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